Developmental stages of chldren

Developmental Stages of Children

Whether you are a parent or an educator, we can relate to the thought of wishing for the perfect book to helps us understand children of all ages. There are great books that can help parents and professionals understand children at various stages in their life . One of my favorite go to books is Yard Sticks Ages 4-14 by Chip Wood.

Chip Wood does a great job of explaining social development, cognitive development, and academic development. For example a four year old’s social development includes, needing opportunities to practice the same behavior over and over. One can’t expect a four year old to master a behavior on the first try. Academically, a four year old enjoys predictable books, read alouds, scribbles a lot and words are spelled phonetically.

Focusing on an 8 year old’s social development, they enjoy collaborating and boundaries are difficult to follow. Academically, they enjoy series chapter books, they work on deeper comprehension skills, write longer stories, their vocabulary improves, and they use compound words.

While observing fourteen year old’s, they begin to develop an adult personality. They are embarrassed by their parents and don’t like being lectured by their parents. Academically, thematic literature is great for helping them make text-to-self connections and text-to-world connections.

These are just a few examples of what you can find in Chip Wood’s book. Wood provides insightful information that can help parents and educators understand children better.

Wood, C. (2007). Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Ages 4-14. Massachusetts: Northeast Foundation For Children.

2 thoughts on “Developmental Stages of Children

  1. Great information to share! Really helps address kids’ needs at each stage of development. Most of do indeed need a road map!

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